Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dave's Journey a Personal Video of his Radiotherapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer

DAVE's JOURNEY - The chairman of Oxford Prostate Cancer Support Group



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New Asprin Can Fight Cancer,Daily Express Technology will always be part of the human culture as it makes our life easier than the way it used to be. However, you might also need to notice that it also has its own risk as we speak about the life, especially the health risk like what the cell phone is shown for us. Cancer could be one of many effects that is given by the cell phone as well as the mobile telephone and it becomes main concern for many people. Radiofrequency is one important factor we should know as the reason why cell phone could be really dangerous for our health. Radiofrequency energy that it is emitted by these phones is kind of dangerous and it is important for you to concern much more about that. What do you know about the radiofrequency energy? Have you ever heard of it before? Form of electromagnetic radiation could be the simplest definition of what radiofrequency is and it can be divided into two big forms, which are ionizing (eg, x-rays, radon, and cosmic rays) and non-ionizing (eg, radiofrequency and extremely low-frequency or power frequency). By the time you get so close with that kind of radiation, the chance you get the cancer becomes much bigger than the way it used to be. Non-ionizing might be not dangerous as you see that there are no significant effects that thing to the human health. The general consensus has been that there is no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk. Based on the research of WHO ...